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Tips for Use

Using our online catalog is easy! There are three ways that you can look up parts depending on the information that you have available.

To get started, first select the OEM/ Manufacturer, then:

  • Use Model Search if you know the model name or number.
    • Select the Model tab and enter your model name or number in the field and click on search.
  • For Parts Search, click on the Parts tab and enter the part number and/or description and/or the model.
    • TIP: The more information you provide the more precise your search results will be.
  • To search by Product Line, select the Product Line tab, the appropriate OEM catalog, the product line, and then the model.

To keep track of the parts you find, add them to a Pick List by clicking on the “Add to Pick List” link on each part. When you’ve found all the parts you’re looking for, you can then print your Pick List by going into the “Pick List” tab and clicking on the print button at the bottom.


  • You can have more than one drawing open at a time for comparison.
  • You can set bookmarks and notes in this application.
  • You can save Pick Lists for later use.
  • You can print off a Pick List to use for inputting into your Dealer Business Management System.


  • Only one part can be passed to a Pick List at a time.
  • Your inventory (from your Dealer Business Management System) will not appear here.
  • Your pricing (also from your Dealer Business Management System) will not appear.
  • You will not be able to send a Pick List to your Dealer Business Management System.
  • You will not be able to zoom to a point.
  • Drag and Drop of parts will not function.

Notable Icons

Here are some icons that you will see as you look up parts on this site:

Indicates Prior Indicates Prior

Indicates Supercession Indicates Supercession